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We provide a bespoke public affairs programme for which includes the real-time monitoring of political and regulatory developments which are relevant to their business in the UK and globally.

Our work also includes highly targeted relationship building with stakeholders as we seek to influence the formation and development of legislation and regulatory frameworks pertinent to their operations.

To date we have successfully tracked and managed a number of emerging issues to ensure Booking’s UK business is not negatively impacted whilst proactively advancing its reputation among stakeholders.

Ketchum began working with Mowi (formerly Marine Harvest) in September 2018. As the world’s largest farmed salmon company, Marine Harvest wanted to launch several salmon products to sell directly to consumers, on a global basis – they had previously sold white labelled products to supermarkets around the world. As part of this consumer product launch, Marine Harvest overhauled its global brand and changed its name to Mowi.

Ketchum led the corporate communicatons and brand PR throughout the rebrand and is now the global hub co-ordinator for every market launch. Ketchum created the narrative of the rebrand, provided messaging and tailored Q&A communications toolkits for investors, media, employees, political stakeholders and NGOs. Leading the media relations outreach, we secured coverage of the rebrand in 37 international and trade publications.

Mowi will launch consumer products into Poland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg this year with markets in the North America and Asia over the next two years. The global co-ordination for these launches is led by Ketchum London.

In addition to the current global co-ordination, Ketchum is leading a new corporate communications programme that will enhance Mowi’s reputation as a sustainable salmon farmer, with proactive media relations and political stakeholder engagement work to showcase their sustainable supply chain.

Olam, one of the world’s largest agri-businesses, have a wide ranging sustainability programme to ensure sustainable sourcing. This includes an Olam owned programme called AtSource that enables transparent supply chains. Ketchum were asked to put AtSource in the minds of Olam’s customers, showing the benefits this brings to the farmers, their communities and the wider food industry.

The London team works closely with in-market agencies across the Ketchum network in Switzerland, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the US to help develop local content to talk about AtSource and Olam’s approach to sustainability. This involved engaging the global media with the positive stories coming from farmers and communities across the globe whether they grow cotton, coffee or cocoa. A big part of our approach to media relations is to show not tell and we work with some of the most influential publications to help tell the sustainability story to different audiences. Following the recent questions being asked of the global fashion industry, in particular “fast fashion”, the cotton supply chain is becoming more prominent. With this in mind, Ketchum secured the editor of the Daily Telegraph who travelled with Olam to Ghana to see first-hand the steps they are taking to create sustainable cotton resulting in a major online article and video series which reached that consumer audience Olam wanted.

Quorn is a meat substitute product originating in the UK and sold primarily in Europe, but also available in 19 other countries.

In June 2018, we supported the Quorn announcement to remove black plastic from the majority of its packaging, eliminating 297 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic from its supply chain annually.

Before this vital decision was announced, we counselled Quorn that this move would be so much more than just a corporate announcement. Subsequently, we helped the Quorn team prepare to it accordingly. We told the story of how the company assembled a wider packaging strategy to formulate a plan leading to the removal of black plastic as quickly as possible after the 2017 WRAP announcement.

Our media strategy focused on an exclusive with The Daily Mail, followed by an extensive outreach to other top tier and trade publications. The Global CEO was also interviewed, explaining that the company viewed the aim to get rid of black plastic packaging as the right thing to do, despite the six-figure cost to the business.

Blanket coverage was generated in more than 35 pieces in the national and trade press, including Daily Mail, Mail Online, Evening Standard, Metro, the Grocer and others.

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